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Support county residents in need: Charitable Campaign begins Oct. 14

The Combined Charitable Campaign provides employees countywide with an opportunity to financially support nonprofit organizations that enhance the quality of life in Ramsey County. 

One of those organizations is Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless, which supports people like Driscilla and Priscilla by providing grants to organizations like Small Sums.

Driscilla and Priscilla have been homeless for more than six months and staying in a local shelter. After being hired as crew members of a fast food restaurant, they needed a little support. Small Sums was there for them:

  • "I started a new job with no money and I needed the essentials for work - black pants, non-slip shoes and a bus card to get there," Driscilla said.
  • "I probably could not keep this job if I had not gotten help from Small Sums," Priscilla said.

Make a difference

The 2019 campaign kicks off Oct. 14, with Giving Grams available for purchase and an online charitable auction. Employees can make payroll deduction pledges beginning Oct. 28.

Posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 2:51 p.m.