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Aspen is the enterprise-wide financial management system. It includes the following modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Billing, eProcurement, General Ledger, Purchasing and Supplier Contract Management.

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What's New

System Updates have been Completed

PeopleTools/Product Images/Database Upgrades

The Finance Capability Team has completed the project to get Aspen up to date, which includes patches and fixes, as well as PeopleTools and Database upgrades.  Below are a few more details about this project.

  • There are updates to the look and feel on pages in Aspen – things are bigger
  • These updates have resolved some current known issues
  • There are no business process changes

How to request support

To ensure efficient resolution of your inquiry or issue, please use the following guidelines when submitting your request.  We ask that you do not reach out to specific individuals as all requests must be documented and routed appropriately.

Support Channel Description Request Examples
IS Service Desk  The IS Service Desk is the support channel for technical inquiries and issues.  An Incident Ticket or Service Request will be created and routed to the appropriate team (Aspen Capability team, Laserfiche Team etc).  If you are unclear on who to contact, please email the IS Service desk.
  • System errors or alerts/system down
  • Something used to work, is now broken
  • Affinity/Laserfiche questions
  • Enhancement requests
  • Aspen Training requests
  • Reports/queries questions
  • How To questions
  • Security/Workflow request
Ask Aspen

Ask Aspen is the support channel for business process questions, transaction support/updates.

Ask Aspen request log

           Ask Aspen examples